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Knock Sensor shielded cable drain

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Hi All.

I'm busy with my Link PnP install to my Supra.

Installing a Bosch wideband Knock sensor in addition to the stock sensors to use with a knock link or the Link Knock block. (fitting DTM connector)

I am confused on the sensor wires.

I have a 1.8m screened cable which I need to extend a bit to reach the knocklink.

It has a white, grey and black wire.

I assume the white and black are the signal wires, the grey being the drain.

1. Do I connect the grey to chassis ground or does it ground via the knock sensor?

2. In the join, there is a short section that is not shielded, will this cause an issue with electrical noise?


You want to connect the shield ground at the ecu. there will be a slot for it just check the ecu pinout diagram

Knock sensor wiring is usually:

White: Knock Sensor Signal

Black: Knock Sensor Ground (Signal Ground)

Grey: Shield ground (Terminate this on ECU side either on chassis or splice into your ECU Power ground)

Thanks for the replies guys.

The wideband knock sensor that I am wiring is only for use with the knock link and knock block, not going to the ECU.

The stock sensors will be used on the ECU.

The knock block wiring runs the shield ground all the way to the unit, no external ground. I am hoping that it is OK that way?