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Lambda wideband Microcontrollers

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi , I am member of a Formula Student team. We use an LC2 Innovative Lambda 4.2 Controller and we are dealing with some problems. At idle the sensor reads always at 21,8 AFR and it reads very often wrong values at random times. We are thinking of buying AEM Lambda 4.9 Controller. Is there someone with experience on these controllers and can help me select?Thanks in advance!

I've used the LC2 on one of our development vehicles and had no issue with it other than the typical ground offset issues that you can expect with any controller that uses an analogue voltage output. What I'd suggest you do is start by using the LM Programmer software to set the output to a fixed 0.5 volts irrespective of actual AFR and then make sure that you're seeing this voltage at the ECU. Repeat this at 4.5 volts and these two data points will then allow you to correct the calibration for any ground offset that exists.

Beyond this, if you're reading 21.8 at idle then either the sensor may be faulty or its mounted in such a way that it's being affected by ambient oxygen. I've never seen intermittent, momentary erroneous readings sorry.

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