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Link ecu to smartwire

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I'm looking at doing a project

With a link g4 extreme (upgrade to g4+ fury down the road)

And running a racepak smartwire only (no dash)

My question is what adaptors etc do I need to get the link to talk to the smartwire to control fuel pumps fans etc via can vnet

I've had a quick search and from my understanding I'd need these adaptor

from link can to dtm cable HT-06-280-CA-EFILINK

Dtm to universal can module HT-06-230-VM-EFIUCAN

And then can modulevnet to racepak vnet connector


Is this correct?

Seems kind of counter productive to have 3 adaptors to run 1 device to another is there an easier tidier way?


Have you already got the smart wire? There are much better options out there today that are far more capable and cheaper. Take a look at the ECUMaster PMU16 for example. The racepak software is total crap and the functions are very limited. You also cant do anything like send messages from your keypad or PDM back to the ECU with the smartwire.

If you did go racepak, for comms from a G4 the best ecu interface option would be the 230-VM-EFIUCAN. To connect that to the ECU it will be best to make your own adapter cable, it is just two twisted wires, a 2 pin DTM on the racepak end and a LTW plug on the ecu end. You can buy the LTW plug from Jaycar - SKU PS0545. Racepak do sell this cable (280-CA-EFILINK) but theirs also has the RS232 wires connected inside which can cause USB comms issues so I would avoid that one.

If your G4 ecu is earlier than serial number 10000 then it will need to go back to Link for a hardware mod to enable CAN, this is a free service.

Thank you for your reply

Unfortunately I allready have the smartwire from a few years ago for this car

do you suggest I buy the racepak adaptor from the 230-VM-EFIUCAN

To the smart wire also? HT-06-280-CA-BN-T09

do you suggest I buy the racepak adaptor from the 230-VM-EFIUCAN

To the smart wire also? HT-06-280-CA-BN-T09

Yes sorry, I forgot they use the different plug VNet plug on the smartwire as well. You will need the 280-CA-BN-T09

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