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Link g4+ Atom on normal distributor engine ( Dizzy)

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Good day every body,

I am starting to install Atom G4+ unit on toyota 4efte engine which has a distributor ( dizzy), so my qustion is how to wire the crank and cam sensors on this engine? If there is any wiring diagram because i found many diagrams which people wires these sensors through the oem ecu pin out but i want to make independent harness for this engine

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The 4EFTE should have two sensors inside the distributor. one will have 24 teeth which is the rpm or Trig 1 input. There will also be a single tooth input which is the sync or Trig 2 input. There are however two pickups for the sync input and you can choose to wire Trig 2 to either (it doesn't matter which one but you must only use one).

With a reluctor pickup it's important to get the polarity correct and with Toyota's wiring normally the 0V is a white wire. You can trace this to be sure though as you will find it is common to all three sensors in the dissy.