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Hi Im a little confused as to the use of the shield gnd wire?

I understand that the sensor ground (green) wires are to ground the sensors ie. TPS water temp inlet air temp and the like correct?.

but what of the shield gnd wires? also green?

clarification what be great thanks


Sorted now, thanks to a member on the link forum.

I guess for future reference for others I'll lend a tip :)

The sensor ground is only for ANALOGUE VOLT/TEMP SENSORS. Do not use a power ground to analogue sensors, mayhem can ensue :) so things like:

Temp sensors, and pressure transducers, and strain gauges, and position stuff, and potentiometers etc.. are all 5v (some are 8v (excluding temp which just needs the sensor ground)) and need to be grounded at the sensor ground. Also be aware, some companies or other wiring guys will refer to these as 5v Eng and 0v Eng

Shield ground pin, which I believe is just a link ecu thing? Maybe a vi-pec thing as well?, is ground for the shield drain (i.e. Knock shield, Crank/Cam shield, CAN shield etc. ). Other ECU's such as AEM, MoTeC, Haltech etc. you ground the shield grounds with the ECU ground as close to the ECU as possible.

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