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List of connectors for GM LS1 harness, does it exist?

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Tried the search, but it was not easy to filter out, too much results.

Does it exist a list of connectors used on the LS1 motor, with oem delphi numbers?

Since I'm from Norway, my preferred source is Mouser.com.

Alot of motorsport supplier sites have them out there, but none of them reveals the article number.

In our "small" community, I think we all (except those who run a shop) would benefit from a collected list for this purpose.

I'm working at an excel sheet, and wondering if anyone else is willing to contribute in this tread, to help find part numbers for different applications.


Look for "GM LS1 parts" in the "application specific" section. It's not exactly what you are looking for, but it will help a lot. Good luck, I heard Norway is SUPER expensive for owning a car and paying for fuel.

Yeah, I've seen that site, but it belongs to a fellow forum member, and he will probably not be interested in specifying the part numbers.

The photos will help a lot though, but it's a jungle out there with all these connectors.

This is the Global Delphi PDF with everything... enjoy digging.



Not sure that this is much of an exact thing u r lookin' for but thats might help:



I'm currently upgrading (ok, rebuilding) my LS3 and got the same problem when searching for multiple connectors for the harness. I have my lists I did when ordering the connectors but these are sticked to PN's of the particular webshops. Normally these are kits. Example:


MAP Sensor Connector Harness Kit for GM LS3 6.2L Engine -


I actually prefer the kits as these are already with multiple supplemental gear...

What I found while this excercises:

- There are various producers for the same (or similar) connectors. U may find original Delphi (lets say GT150 6 way ) for one price and something similar for quite another.

- U have to be alert on additional gear for the connectors (especially pins used - these things differ)

- with grand stores like Mouser (yes they do, but they do not like small qty orders) - its more efficient to deal with dedicated webshops like those 2 mentiones above (there are many others)

- its better to order kits, as with small qty orders delivery times are different (u may get your connector in 5 days and wait another 10 for pins to arrive)

- Kits are guaranteed to match

- non original connectors may be of a better quality than original ones (tested by heating with the heatgun - some melt faster than others)

- finally (i guess) u will end up with a couple of webstores (which u choose to your preferences by yourself) from which u will be ordering all your necessary things (using their PNs) as it happened in my case. (if u r not a commercial enterprise :) )



Hi Roman!

After alot of digging, googling and searching, I found all connectors at Mouser. With me living in Norway, and a Mouser warehouse in Sweden, I got my connectors, pins, seals, tpa's and all within 5-6days.

But after so much investigation, I understand why the motorsport suppliers comes up with their own part numbers for their kits.

I'm building a big database as I'm building different harnesses for my friends cars, all from Audi, BMW, 2jz, GM. Lots of info to dig into.

Great! Good luck!

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