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Looking for 3 Pin Sensor Connector #

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Hey all, I'm looking to make up some 3 Pin Pressure Sensor extension harnesses for the Stainless Pressure sensors by all the common brands. I've found the typical harness-side connector but I'm having a hard time finding its mating connector (outside of the sensor itself).

Here is a sample of what I'm looking to make -


If anyone has a part number available that would be a huge help. I have tried searchig Digikey and Mouser with no luck.


Use a connector you can get to make your extension. I don't think those connectors are available as a cable connection. Those connectors come from Delphi Packard, but they are now known as Aptiv. Here is their website, with the GT 150 series 3-way connector that are available:

Aptiv GT 150 3-way connectors

We have some pre-made harness here that already have the end terminated with the connector. I was hoping to be able to not have to cut that off and re-work it.

How many do you have to do?

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