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Looking for Electric Power Steering Terminal Crimp Tool

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First post here, as I usually find all the answers I need here already but I've come up short this time. A shop I do a lot of work for have started retrofitting the Volvo EPS pumps to many of their vehicles and so I have been wiring these up. It took me a while to track down and source the Yazaki terminals for the main power cables ~8AWG but I finally got them. The issue I face now is what tool can crimp these terminals? The data sheet says they are for 10mm2 cable and I have a pair of open barrel battery lug crimpers that suit but the die is too wide and destroys the seal holding part of the terminal.

So I'm looking for a open barrel crimp tool for 6-10AWG with a die width of around 5-6mm. I've had a search on Sargent tools and Iwiss among others but am struggling to find something suitable. I don't want to invest money into a tool that's not going to work for this. Any ideas?

The terminal is: