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LS1 Alternator Wiring

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hello everyone ,

I am working on a reconstruction project of a TT buggy powered by a GM LS1 on which a new electronic engine and chassis management will be installed (MaxxECU Pro + AIM PDM32).

I have a small question regarding the wiring of the alternator, it is a CS130D model. Is it possible to connect the excitation of the alternator directly to the large positive terminal which will be connected to the battery? Is this Pin the "S" terminal?

Darn, thought I'd answered this, there're a lot of on-line guides, but this is one of the better (no, BTW, to your question) - https://www.onallcylinders.com/2022/03/18/ask-away-with-jeff-smith-how-to-connect-a-gm-cs-130d-style-alternator-in-place-of-an-original-cs130/

NOTE, that is the pigtail wiring, be sure you have the correct orientation if looking at the alt'.

I'd suggest making sure the output wire from the alt' to the battery is of a suffiently heavy gauge, and there may be a need for a similar gauge ground wire from the alt' body to the engine/alt' mount if there are vibration insulating bushes used in the mounting - I've seen undersized get hot enough to melt the insulation off - and that was an OEM setup!

Hello and thank you very much for your answer, I have seen several guides yes but none as clear as this one! it's perfect, I'm going to put a resistance of 50 ohms in 5 watt.

Besides, can I connect it to any positive after contact?

It looks, and I may be mistaken, that any switched 12V supply will work - the suggestion of the ignition (if used) would be one way, the PDM another, or possibly the ECU can be configured to supply power once the engine is running?

And if you ever want to use gm pwm controlled alternator, it can be driven for example one left over ign output(as they are 5V) and use it as alternator control. GM pwm alternator is 128Hz. Easy to setup from maxxecu.

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