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M150 Pin locations for DBW LS Throttle Body wiring

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I plan on running two 103 mm Nick Williams LS throttle bodies and would like to get guidance on how to pin each TB to the M150. Is this correct for a single TB?

TAC motor control 1: HB1 (C18)

TAC motor control 2: HB2 (C01)

Low ref: Sens 0V_A1 (A34)

TP sensor signal 1: AV1 (C14)

TP sensor signal 2: AV2 (C15)

5-volt ref: Sens 5V_A1 (C2)



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Yes from the channel descriptions -- I did not verify the actual pin numbers.

Thank you kindly David.



Is there any harm with re-assigning the MAP sensor AV input from AV2 (default) to AV4?

Per the Datasheet, AV2 (C15) is designated as the Inlet Manifold Pressure Sensor.

Thank you,


There is no issue in re assigning the AV's to suit your wiring, for that matter, you could leave the MAP sensor in AV2 and use AV4 for the DBW Servo position input without any issues.

In general resources are very flexible in the M1. Things to be aware of:

- UDig1 can only be used for the Engine Speed Reference signal

- AT inputs have fixed 0V references that need to be used (see help for any of the "Sensor Voltage Reference" parameters).

- I suggest you configure your ECU in M1 Tune prior to committing to the harness design. That will tell you what inputs / outputs can be used for whatever functions you are trying to do.

- if you are using vehicle-specific firmware, with some kind of plug & play harness -- then follow the directions supplied by that kit. Again, use M1 Tune to show the wiring used and any other I/O available for your use.

Thank you Stephen and David.

I am building the harness, no kit. Will definitely use M1 tune before I start pinning the ECU connectors. Thank you!

When you mentioned "Per the Datasheet", I was thinking perhaps you were using a package like this:


Actually, I was referring to the GPR datasheet. Will attach.

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I did not find that on the Datasheet. Perhaps you loaded a GPR package in M1 Tune that was configured with AV2 as the Inlet Manifold Pressure (many of the Various Tuning Base files are configured that way).

But as has been made clear -- you can use any AV you want for TPS, MAP, etc -- just change the Input Resource -- one quick way to see everything allocated is to use M1 Tune->Tools->Edit Input/Output Resources...

Thanks David for guiding me to M1 Tune. I have been using this and very helpful!

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