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M22759/32 vs spec55 wire

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Hello all,

Does anyone know the difference between M22759/32 wire and the TE spec55 wire. I see a lot of motorsport applications using this spec55 wire but what is the reason. The spec55 wire is a following mill spec M22759/32 i see in the datasheets.

I'm curious what your experience is with these wires. At the moment i'm using the M22759/32.

"Spec 55" covers a range of wire - including the common 22759/32, 22759/33/34/35, and 22759/41/42/43/44. These vary in conductor material/plating, single & dual wall insulation and a few other variations.

M22759/32 is a light weight single wall insulation, tin plated copper, 150°C rating.

When most professional motorsport wiring people talk of "spec 55", they will usually be referring to the M22759/44 variant (not always though so you need to check), which is light weight single wall, silver plated copper, with a 200°C rating.

So just saying "spec 55" doesnt mean anything - you need to know the the actual specification.

Thanks Adam!

what about 55a0111-(awg)-(colour code)? I've found that purchasing this stuff to be much cheaper than say raychem m22759/32..... the funny thing is its all TE stuff and comparing the two data sheets they are identical!

55A0111 is M22759/32

that's what I am getting at. on mousers website if you search m22759/32 it pulls up a different listing at a different cost compared to searching 55a0111

Just like most other common products where there is more than one manufacturer, search and you will find a large range of brands and prices, the same goes for wire.

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