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Needing maybe 10-20m worth of shielded cable over the couple of cars I have in the slow project pipeline, I did the logical thing and bought 1400ft for cheap (per metre, anyway). So given I have nearly 300m surplus, in addition to selling some of it off (anyone in NZ keen on cheap shielded wire?) I am trying to think of other parts of a harness it might be of use in and I wanted to check there was no technical reason not to. It's M27500-20SD2T23, so 2 core shielded 20AWG, and being SD (M22759/34) its basically a double insulated version of M22759/32 inside. So seems pretty decent.

In addition to engine position sensors and knock sensor, I was wondering if there is any reason not to use it (for example) if I make a breakout harness for the injectors / coils to run to those. Given the casing I wondered if I could simply avoid heatshrink... and having limited electrical knowledge I don't see how an unterminated shield would affect anything?

Also thinking about things like temperature sensors, but its not like it will sleeve nicely so I am thinking it is probably not suited to being significant parts of the main harness.

So - ok idea? Bad idea?

It will be fine, though bulky, and you should probably still heat shrink the ends to avoid stray shielded wire anyway.

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