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Making a fuse/relay board

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Just wanted to run something past you. I need to make a relay board for my drag car and was looking to do something similar to the attached picture. I was looking to provide power for the relays by the way of 2 x busbars (one live and one live switched), and was going to use fused relays to try and keep everything a little tidier. The rest of the loom came with my Ecu setup and is complete and functional and I just need this to complete it as it was previously relying on a bit of a mess of a chopped stock loom/fusebox for power etc which is now in the bin.

My question really is is this the best/correct way of going about this. Are there any drawbacks to fused relays? Are crimped spade connectors to connect to the relay pins the ‘right’ way to do it? I have seen some you can buy with neat block connectors but they come pre pinned with standard size wire so I wouldn’t be able to adjust the gauge of wire for the application. I’m going to be pinning plugs at the other end of this for the fan/fuel pump/nitrous etc. I didn’t see anything in the fundamentals course to cover this specifically so thought best to ask.

Sorry if this is a silly question but I’d rather ask and get it right first time.

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Hello yes this way is fine, if using fused relays make sure they are mounted as to not be able to work lose ( so vertical is best )

crimping spade terminals has worked for years so no issues there

Regards Ross

Thanks Ross