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Max TEFZEL spec 50 wire size for AMPseal connectors ?

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

Relevant Module: EFI Wiring Harness Design > Power Supply > Sizing the Wires

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I have a weird question I shouldn’t be asking because I know this is probably not "the Way".

I’m going to be using a HP Electronik HP8441 PDM. This PDM uses the AMPseal ( not superseal ) 35 and 23 pin connectors, the Spec sheet for this connector is 16-24 AWG wire although there is no indication if this is accounting for insulation. Im looking to build this harness with M22759/32 TEFZEL wire and am wondering if anyone knows what the MAX AWG wire this type of connector will work with. ( my idea thinner insulation might make 14AWG possible or even larger ( note the connector is rated at Up to 17A gold, up to 8A tin pins and connectors ) The PDM has 18 high power channels allowing in excess of 45 amps peak so im looking to severly overbuild every wire in the system running max AWG to every output in this very simple harness ( ECU has its own harness running this is just indicators lighting and ignition, brake lights Electric fan etc) this is for a relatively harsh environment and a sealed harness make concentric twisting sort of a necessary evil ( off road, supercharged engine, headers Ect.) most of these wires will be running thru a Racespec Bulkhead connector to keep the PDM in the airconditioned area and out of harms way. After the bulkhead they branch out all over the vehicle and the additional heat abrasion resistance offered by the wire and its dr 25 and 35 sheathing make this option verry attractive to me.

The contacts used in the AMPSeal connectors are designed to take 16awg or 1.5mm² as the largest conductor size. You could potentially experiment with 14awg.

The high current outputs of the PDM are separated across two contacts in the connector as they are only rated for max 17A each. 16awg tefzel will be fine for 15A constant draw.

Yeah the insulation size isn't the limiting factor, the size of the copper doesn't change much with /32 (other then being neatly twisted). Biggest terminals I have found are for 16 awg, even if I'm running a 12AWG I'll just crimp two 16 awg wires onto terminals and splice them into 12awg and run that.

Ironically you'll find after some logging that loads are generally lower then one would expect, especially if you're following the vague amp ratings that manufacturers usually give. No harm in oversizing other then weight, which isn't really a problem with those trucks.

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