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In the recent live webinar, Zac mentioned using nylon rope to measure the lengths required to build a harness on his bench rather than climbing in and out of the car.

Is there a particular thickness of rope used, and can anyone offer any further hints and tips on how to get fairly accurate measurements using that technique?


I have seen Zac's webinar and I would use Cloth as opposed to Nylon as it lays much better and you can easily put pen marks on it when needed. It also knots better and tighter than nylon.

The stuff we usually use is actually piping cord and also called Cloth Clothes Line, being able to easily mark it makes it much easier and tape also sticks better. In some applications such as floor lay looms I will wet it first so I get no fight back and can follow ridges better.

Example of what i am talking about

G'day Tim. I use the cheapest stuff I can find at the local hardware store. Its probably around 10mm diameter? We've just gotten through filming the layout and routing plan section of the new course, and I show the full process on our first worked example, the FD3S sitting out in the workshop.

Brad - Cheers for the hot-tip, I'll give it a look :-).

And serendipitous timing! We just did an instagram post that shows the beginning of the process too, check out @hpa101.