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Microsquirt Denso Coils Popping fuse

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Hey Guys

Just wondering if anyone has experience with Microsquirt running COP with Denso coils.

We are using the 4 outputs so including WLED and ALED to run 8 coils paired in wasted spark.

Our problem is now the following every time we start the car it keeps blowing the fuse up to 20A and that should be way more then enough.

The only things that have changed is that the microsquirt requires a 5v pullup resistor it states 1K but if we put 1K only one of the two coils fires provided we unplug the other. We put two 1K resistors in parallel to half it and now we get firing on all coils but it keeps popping the fuse.

I'm trying to help someone remotely and so I can't actually get there to test and see if there is a possible short that is going to be my next step for him to check.

Just wondered if anyone had come across something similar.