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Moristech PDM wire choices

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Hey guys,

So I have a Moristech PDM and the biggest wire I can fit in the 20amp outputs is 14awg... according to my calculations using m22757/32-14-0 I can only run around 17amps through this constantly...

am I missing something here or... also the 8 amp put puts I’m not even sure I can run 16awg out of them.

I haven't personally used the Moristech PDMs as yet. I'd agree that 14 AWG is probably a little marginal for a continuous 20 amps but I guess the more important questions is - Are you expecting to see a continuous 20 amps from these outputs? It would be rare in my experience to use an output from the PDM right on the very limit of the current rating. Of course it would be reasonable to expect that if you wanted to do so that you could though so I'm not too sure what help I can suggest. Most of the PDMs I deal with utilise the AMP Super Seal 1.0 connector which defines the maximum current a single output can handle due to the contact size. If you need more current you'd normally run two outputs in parallel.

Yeah you’re right. I guess if I’m running anymore that about 15 I will have to sacrifice another 20amp and splice to 14’s into a 12.