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Motec m130 to ic7 display question

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I'm trying to figure out which pins I need to use on the motec m130 to wire up the haltech ic7 display. I purchased the correct CAN adaptor loom (DTM-4 to flying leads) from haltech which is meant for motec and other ecus, Im just not sure which pins to use on the motec harness. Any help would be appreciated

B17 is CAN High, and B18 is CAN Low. You will also need to turn on the CAN Transmit by setting ECU Transmit to CAN Bus 1.

Thanks, I just found the pinout for the harness I am using and it confirms what you said. Looks like they are currently being used by the KTC so I guess I'll have to remove those pins?

Sorry for the ignorant question but where do I put the power and ground pins left over?


Just wrap them with insulating tape and cable tie them out of the way. You will need to change the LTC to operate at 250K with the KTC.

Thanks, Stephen. I appreciate the help.

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