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Motec M150 service loop question and post assembly heat shrink

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Thought maybe someone has run into this before. I am converting a car with a Bosch 4.3 to M150. I have done all the hard stuff and am now ready to start pinning the superseal connectors. The issue I am running into is I don't have much room before the next branch, and everything is shrunk/epoxied since I started with the Bosch harness. I have about 4-5" of wire for each of the m150 connectors, so its not crazy short but certainly tight. Struggle is I am really having trouble getting proper service loops in with the limited space and the wires being constrained so close to connector entry point. I couldn't even pin the connector when I had rubber boots on the loom (going to have to do something else). I am concerned about actually causing damage to the crimps/etc as its getting pretty rough to try to get the wire twirled around my loop stick

I am thinking I am just going to not do service loops, and when I install the heat shrink on the backshell I will just push the connector a little as a shrink/seal so that strain is removed from the terminals. Any other ideas?

Secondly because of the aforementioned harness being already assembled and limited space, I can't use heat shrink on this small section. Or rather, it will make this a lot more difficult, and again I will have to man handle the wire a bit to make it work if I do. So I want to use a wrapable heat shrink material. Like tape, but heat shrink. Any input on this one? Its not something I would normally do but given the re-work and this harness doesn't see weather I am ok with it. I originally even thought about not using backshells and leaving the 4" or so wire exposed, but with 0v/5v/shield splices etc it looks a little messy.


If you leave the exposed wires and splices, you can tie them together with lacing tape, then you can just use a good german cloth tape to wrap the final few inches of wiring. It will look very much like a factory wiring job. And if you need to re-pin anything, or add a wire later - it will be a snap.

That is good advice thank you. I could do stock that tape just didn't think about it with the motorsport harness but good idea these are definitely may be some rework 😬😎

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