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Motec m800 loom!!

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Hello guys,

I recently bought a motec m800 loom that is made for the ussage of 12 injectors and my car only has 6 so is there a way to use it without cutting wires?

On the ECU connector, you will see a white plastic insert, if you push on this it pops the locking tab up as shown by two smaller tabs on the other side of the connector. Once this is done, you can gently pull the unneeded wires out of the connector. When you have made the required changes, push the two white tabs back down into the connector, they should go back with minimal resistance, if they don't then one or more of the pins are not properly seated in the connector, check the seating of the pins by gently pushing on the wires to reseat them.

So just to make sure blackrex, even if the loom is made for 12 injector ussage if i take out the pins of the secondary injectors out of the connector, the car will run properly on 6 injectors?

As long as the M800 is configured to only run on the Primary injectors, that is correct.

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