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Motec pins from oem pins

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hey Ryan,

I took your course I had to state that first and foremost. So i know teeny tiny things. Secondly moving onto my questions. I just bought a used motec m600 and a few nissan pins are running, this is from a race car so i understand his delete extra luggage approach. On my R33 service manual i find the following items missing on the motec.

Aac valve control signal

Engine rev signal for tachometer ( nismo cluster even put leds on it to make it fancy)

Air conditioner relay and A/C cut signal

Knock sensor signal 1&2

Boost control solenoid

Air conditioner SW signal

Power steering oil pressure signal

Vehicle speed sensor- ( not really want a race dash I have a nismo cluster and I deeply love it)

Variable valve timing solenoid

Oxygen Sensors ( will also expand to the aem uego controllers in the near future).

Can i have them all please? I dont know what voltage does it need motec manual says it has 5 volt and 8 volt outputs.

Hi Falah. What you will be able to add back into the M600 will depend a little on how many spare inputs/outputs you have.

Most of what you want is possible - AAC, tacho, A/C, P/S, VCT, boost for example are all possible as long as you have the required I/O. The Mx00 doesn't directly support knock control though. On this ECU it was integrated via a SKM (Standalone Knock Module).

If memory serves correct the speedo signal is a reluctor input (AC signal) that goes directly to the dash. From there the ECU can receive a digital signal for speed. I believe that the speedo cluster should still show speed with the Motec installed.

The M600 has onboard lambda control through a sensor that can be wired directly to the header plug. This does require the lambda option if you don't already have it though.

It sounds like what you have is a very stripped out version that is much better suited to a race application than road use. That's not to say you can't add most of what you need but it will take a little work and you will need to find out what inputs and outputs are spare before deciding how to proceed.

Hi Andre, its good to hea your response. Yes i was appalled when I received the harness, the previous owner had converted to Bosch Ev1 plugs and didnt say anything about that nor supply suitable conversion plugs. And it was great to have your response in a very detailed manner as i was looking forward to know if each of these connect to the digital inputs, analogous inputs or aux. i have now pulled my original harness to compare. And am currently looking what kind of conversion connectors do i buy for example Bosch to denso analogue and bosch to nippon etc. ( someone please as soon as possible tell me a good website where i can buy bosch ev1 male to denso female type connectors) cant seem to find it anywhere.

it looks like i may be able to pull the o2 sensor wire, get it crimped and plug it into the NTK sensor i just purchased.

2 of my questions just disappeared from the practical dyno tuning forum by the way.

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