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Need a technique for finding original ECU pinout

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I need help on finding ECU pinout for the car (1JZ-GE non vvti for specific)

How can I check the sensor, injector, coil,... connected to which pin on the original ECU?

Any kind of voltage and waveform I have to be considered?

Thank you

you'll need to probe the plugs at both ends. There is a huge amount of information and pinouts available for this engine online

I don't usually trust ecu pinouts i find online but they can sometimes be handy or useful as a guide to get you close, i look at the particular item im trying to find the wires for, say for example vvti on the jz engine i wired up recently was pink and red.. simply look for those colors at the ecu pins and test for continuity with your multimeter to ensure you have the correct wires.. most sensors besides the crank and cam triggers aren't polarity sensitive so you can literally just make up your own method.. from memory jz engines share the earth for the crank and cam triggers so if you find a wire has continuity between both triggers that's your earth

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