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Need some help to identifiy what is what.

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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So im wiriing for the first time and trying to find out what is what.

Im useing Haltech ecu and wanna just get it in the Subaru EJ20 NA (test dummy)

and cant find anywhere where to put the wire to?, Pin1 or 2?

Oil Switching is controld over ground but what pin?


The Solenoids from my experience do not have a polarity requirement.

Having said that, from the loom drawings that I have, Pin 1 is the common Battery + Supply pin, and Pin 2 is the control pin in the standard loom, so I would just replicate that.

All of the Subaru looms that I have done have been wired that way as well.

Yup, solenoids almost never have a preferred polarity.

But I always try to match the OEM harness. Whichever wire originally went to the ECU is the ground. Other wire will go to a fuse.

Awesome!, thansk for the help guys! :D

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