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Nissan CA-RB crank trigger pattern 36-2 or 12

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i'm placing an order for a few harmonic dampers at Ross. They have the option for 2 crank patterns: 36-2T or 12T.

what would be the advantage of each ? all engines will get a single tooth sync on the camshaft. rpm range will be max at 8500rpm.

Sensors available in the kits are Honeywell GT101 Hall or Cherry Hall.

any pro's and con's on these sensor types ?


Kenny J

Hi Kenny, both will work however the 36-2 provides better resolution which will result in more stable timing at low rpm and during transients. Personally this would be my pick unless you're building a an engine that's going to be running to 10,000 rpm +. You need to be careful with the GT101 hall sensor as it can be problematic with missing tooth trigger inputs when the frequency gets high. I'd probably go with the Cherry hall sensor from those two.

Agree with Andre here, 36-2 would be preferred and dont use a GT101 with a missing tooth wheel - although the GT101 has been obsolete for several years now anyway, I wonder if they are actually selling something else like the littlefuse 55505 (which is ok with missing tooth wheels)?

The Cherry/ZF sensors work well except with most ECU's they will need an external pull-up wired in as they need quite a strong pull-up to work properly at high RPM.

Thanks Andre and Adam.

about that pull up , i found a topic on the Link ecu forums where Adam from Link confirms the internal pullup is correct when the hall sensor is fed with 12V.

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