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Not sure this belongs here, but pull up resistors

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So I'm looking to bring the idiot lights (low coolant, seatbelt, high beam and blinkers) from the factory wiring into my ADU 7 digital dash. These seem to be mostly switch to ground signals to activate. Do I need to enable the pull up resistors in the Ecumaster dash to get these to work correctly? Thanks

Im not sure how the coolant light works but most commonly the indicators and high beam would be +12V signals when on so they will not need a pull-up.

Ok, Thanks Adam. For the other warning lights that switch to ground when activated, I would need a pull up though, correct?

For switch to ground to be detected, you will need a pull-up resistor enabled.

Did you get this to work?

I'm stumped with the inputs as the ADU Analog inputs are 0-5v, but indicators, high beam etc are all 12v, do we need to drop the voltage or will the ADU handle 12v into the 0-5v input without issue?

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