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Oem connector identification

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Hey guys i know this might have been asked before but just searching through forums i couldnt find exactly what im after.

How does everyone identify their connectors. Ie certain characteristics of a specific manufacturer? Is it the colour, locking function, pin design or maybe is it as simple as a certain car manufacturer using only certain connector manufacturer/s.

Im wanting to make a new loom for my evo 5. Ive found all the engine bay connectors and even ecu connectors. Just the interior harness connectors is what im struggling to find.

Thanks in advance

G'day Muhammad.

Internet research, browsing the endless number of connector catalogs, and experience. Unfortunately there really isn't a shortcut, it can be a bit of a detective game hunting them down.

thank you very much for your response zac,

I am just going through the furukawa catalogue and my god its massive hahaha

I can see how this sort of stuff can get very time consuming. it doesnt help that mitsubishi has used an array of manufacturers for different plugs :(