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Over thinking wire strippers?

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Afternoon everyone,

I'm currently about to put some of the online videos to the test and build/Modify my loom. My current toolset consists of

Engineer PAD 02

Engineer PAW 32

Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun

I plan on buying an M130 Motec Flying loom from Powertune Australia, their loom has Tefzel wire, shielded wire used for universal digital inputs 1-5 and knock inputs and includes communication ethernet cable.

The PAW 32 does not list itself as something useable with Tefzel wire/Milspec wire. But i have read people using other tools like the Capri tools and Knipex, a precision wire stripper that seems to be a replica of the PAW 32 or Engineering is a replica of them.

Other brands I have also looked into it.

Ideal Industries Stripmaster

Weidmuller stripax



All have good offerings, but do I need to buy something just for these special wires if it is only for 1-3 looms MAX?

The next question I have is about styles. Is this a personal preference?


Knipex PreciStrip16 Wire Stripping Tools 12-52-195

At this point I just keep a Stripmaster for Tefzel and a Knipex ErgoStrip on my bench. It does 99.9% of the projects I need to do.

When I was starting out I was using a generic wire striping tool similar to the Stripmaster but without the correct Tefzel/Spec 55 die. It worked ok but every now and then it just wouldn't and cut in or pull strands off. The Stripmaster with the correct die is much more consistent (wont say its perfect but operator does plays a part).

Otherwise I like and recommend the Stripmaster, though I haven't tried the Ergo Elite version.

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