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Passive Ignition Coils

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Im doing the wiring harness for a Renault clio sport 197 and i have found that the stock wiring harness doesnt have ignition amplifier.

I found in internet that exist two types of coil on plug (active or passive) but i dont understand at all.

How can I make sure that my coils doesnt need amplifier?

Its possible that the ECU has internal amplifier?

In the left of the diagram are the coils (T1-I T1-II T1-III T1-IV)


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The correct name for your "passive" coil is an "Inductive Coil". Active coils (often called "Smart Coils"), don't have Amplifiers, but contain an Ignition Ignitor.

Some ECUs contain a built-in Ignitor(s), and some use an external ignitor (such as this Bosch 4-channel Ignitor https://www.milspecwiring.com/Bosch-4-channel-ignitor_p_383.html ). You need to understand the what the ECU supports, what the coils require and provide the necessary wiring / components.

Hence, my stock ECU has a internal ignitor.

I will use a Ecumaster Black that have the option to use coils without amplifier therefore is not necessary the amplifier.

Thank for your answer David