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Hi guys,

I'm trying to wrap my head around PDMs. I was thinking about installing one into a road/track car I'm building, however I would like to see a practical application to understand how they actually work. Are you aware of any video or article which goes in depth about PDMs? Seeing a practical application would be great.


You might find this MoTeC PDM webinar useful:


Awesome, really nice video. It seems in a road car you need a lot of PDM outputs :)

If there is something available showing a practical application please let me know.


Let me give you an example of something you can do with a PDM that is difficult with conventional wiring:

When you activate the starter motor, you want the to have all the power available for starting. One thing you can do with a PDM is temporarily turn off high-current devices like Fans, Water Pumps, Headlights, Wipers, while the engine is cranking, so that maximum battery energy is available for the Starter, ECU, and Ignition. A PDM that communicates with the ECU, can also stop energizing the starter motor once the engine starts -- and it can keep from running the starter unless the clutch is in (or gear is neutral), engine is stopped, etc. Way smarter than a button and a solenoid.

Thanks for the example, yes it is now clear how those things work. I guess with a good PDM the only limit is imagination.

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