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Pedal TPS sensor

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I am converting race car that has an aftermarket pedal box with a mechanical throttle to DBW.

So I need a potentiometer that has 2 outputs, one inverted from the other to setup in the M150. I can't seem to find one. Linear would be awesome, but rotary is fine too (can convert to linear motion easy enough).

Any ideas?

Hi Jordon,


Penny & Giles

Both have Rotary Pot sensors that can be used, also contact the manufacturer of the Pedal Box to see if they have a solution that can be used.

The M1 does not require that the tracks go in opposite directions, they just need to remain in alignment with each other and be linear.

Ya, I wanted to use a P&D 280DP, but they are hard to find.

But if they can be in 'same direction' that makes it a lot easier. Thanks.

These are usually in stock at John Reed Racing: https://johnreedracing.com/collections/position-sensors

There are also a few OEM options that are often good for retrofits. Mercedes have quite a few different variations but A012-542-33-17 has quite an easy/universal mounting and linkage - especially if you get the whole assy from a junkyard, they have a common ball joint type linkage similar to carbureters etc.

Honda have a few variations also, including some that have all the bits to connect straight to a cable pedal such as 37971-RDJ-A01.

Thank you!

I'm a fan of the Acura/Honda units Adam mentioned for retrofits.

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