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What pico scope do you suggest getting. Wanting to purchase one, but don't exactly know what I may need. Also, they attachments that are needed.. Thanks

It really depends on your intended use. The basic 2 channel unit (2204A), and the purchase of a suitable amp clamp (such as a hantek unit) Will cover you for reverse engineering most sensor signals or actuators for an automotive application

It also can handle serial and CAN decoding, however the base model does not have enough memory bandwidth to use the CAN decode for anything useful.

If you want to start reverse engineering multiple things at once, (say pump and injection timing on a DI car in reference to the cam and crank sensor signals) you will need to step up to a 4 channel unit, which is 2-3x the price at an entry level.

It ultimately comes down to how often you will use it, your intended use etc. The high end automotive grade ones from pico scope come with guided tests and reference libraries, but are intended for larger professional workshop use.

Hi Joshua,

What are you wanting to use it for? If it is just general vehicle usage the 2204A is a good all rounder, especially if you get a variety of probes and a current clamp with it. I haven't found any limitations with the work that I do in it having a 10Mhz bandwidth. There's a number of us where I work that have personally bought these units to carry around with us as they are so useful and convenient.

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