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Piggy back ecu

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi there, which is the best way to wire in piggybacks ecus?

Boomslang Fabrication is one popular and solid solution.

I mean the wiring diagram.Spliting the signals from the factory ecu to the piggyback or cutting the connectrion between the factory ecu and connecting the needed wires directly to the piggyback?.

I hope you understand if not i can say it again.


It depend on the ECU you are using and sensors type.

For example If your OEM ECU uses magnetic type crank/cam sensor - it is not recommended to share this signal between different ECU`s. Thats why some people instal second sensor to the trigger wheel. If It is a Hall effect type sensor that you can share signal wire to your aftermarket ECU. Also your aftermarket ECU should be capable to switch ON and OFF pulp resistors. If you can provide us with the ECU you plan to use than we can talk more detailed about your wiring diagram.

It will be a Link Fury ECU installed on a mitsubishi colt edm czt

We did a maxxecu sport on a Toyota altezza 3s and it worked out really well . Tap cam and crank . And connected injectors and ING directly to maxxecu.

Left the OEM ecu to control DBW. AND VVT.

If considering diagram that I found for Colt you have Hall effect sensors. You can splice to signal wire and share it with your Link ECU. In trigger settings menu you need to switch off pul up resistor. The same procedure will be with temp and pressure sensors. By the way - why you want to keep Stock ECU?

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I though it would be easier but maybe i will run it as a complete standalone.

Thank you Volodymyr.

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