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EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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BAT_NEG 1 & 2 are these power grounds?

BAT_POS: is this switched 12v?

BAT_BAK: how is this wired?

Thank you for all the answers everybody is providing.

BAT_NEG is ground to the battery

BAT_POS is either switched 12v or constant power. Depends on how you want to configure the ecu to turn on.

BAT_BAK is not used at this time.

tepid1 thanks again. what i am asking is are the 2 bat neg pinouts on my ems my power grounds? as in these would come out of the harness and connect to chassis. as my bat neg terminal is grounded to chassis.

Hi Luke,

The Bat_Neg can go to ground, as long as there is a matching ground connection to the battery.

Hi again BlackRex,

thank you for the help once again.

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