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I'm looking for some feedback on my plan for the positive side of my wiring. I've moved the battery to the trunk of the car and need to supply positive voltage to everything so I have installed a distribution block in the engine bay. I'll have my battery positive, alternator charge, fuse box power, and main starter power all connected to this power distribution block. I've included a picture detailing my idea, if anyone has experience on if this will work or burn my car down that would be very helpful.

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Hey Leighton!

That makes sense and it shouldn't burn your car down! hahaha

That should be fine - however, if you're going to do any track work, you're going to need to incorporate an electrical kill switch for either the engine, or the entire electrical system. What you have will stop the engine from starting if the disconnect is used, but won't stop the engine once it's running.

If you were going to put a kill switch in on my diagram were would you put it or what would have to change to be able to put one in?

I would make your distribution box the kill switch (i.e. battery on one side, everthing else on the other side). The alternator output could either go to the battery side of the kill switch), or you could use a kill switch with a resistor to dump the alternator load when switched off, and a disconnect for the ignition power (or signal to the ECU) to stop the engine.

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