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practical training course?

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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in the wring fundamentals courses there is mention of a practical wiring course but I cant find it? am I not looking in the right place

Adrian, not released for another few months

Its in the build! Its about all I've got on my plate at the moment so will be released ASAP, most likely in a couple of months :-).

Awesome Zac, I keep putting off doing the loom for my celica gt4 even after pulling the engine loom and finding to many bodges and really need to build a loom before the car sees the road again :/

Don't waste the wait, start planning for what you want to connect up, where you want to place things, how you want to route the wiring/cables, what guage wiring you need, what fittings and tools you need, etc - a scratch built loom can be very time intensive well before the actual construction.

You may be limited on what you can figure out at this point, but you will have a good start and know what you need to learn.

Hi Gord,

Yes I do really need to start planning things out and work out what and where things need to go. Thing is the planning is probably what I'd like more help with and had loads of silly questions that most will probably know but I can't get my head round.


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