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Prefered toggle switch position

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I want to make a quick poll of some sort. Is there, in industry, any preferred toggle switch active state position ? That is - do most of you put toggle switches such way that active (ON) state is with lever in UP or DOWN position ( assuming single throw switch) ? Or maybe there is some standard about this.

I've seen both. Van Diemen Formula cars come with the switch down is the on position, not sure if that's a british thing. I believe switch up for on is probably the most popular (most of the labeled switch plates are oriented like that).

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I prefer up for on, as it is usually easier to slap a switch down in an emergency to turn something off, compared to flicking it up. For toggle switched, this is how missile switch covers are meant to work too.

Standard aviation practice is up for on. Works for me

I suspect as David says, its probably a regional convention. For instance down here in NZ all the standard power switches and light switches in your home are down for On. I notice in the USA up is on.

So since I have been conditioned to "down is on" all my life that is the prefered option for me - I think in a situation where you need to switch something off or on quickly instinct would make me try that option first.

I always buy the toggle switches with LED's on the end...less likely to get confused then.

Have gone up for on in my car.

I realize this is an older post, but something to consider for anyone who finds this later...

I'm involved with an offroad shortcoarse race team, down is always on in our truck. It has happened in the past where stones/etc come through the screen and shut off switches if up is the on position. So something to consider if you're building a vehicle that may operate in these conditions...

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