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I don't know if this area of this forum could be used for a topic of this nature, but I think that would be nice to know each other better.

My name is Haruki, 25 yo, brazilian.

After concluding high school, I got accepted by two different courses.

1- Engineer college

2- Automotive Technician school

I choose to do the tech and followed this patch for two years. The real world in this career in Brazil wasn't what I dream't so I decided to go to the business college with approach in foreign business. I worked in a office making packing lists, invoices and all the documentation required to import and export stuff in brazil, I started to went crazy, wearing suits everyday and all that formality, that's when I realize that I belong in my garage surrounded by cars and I just needed to find what to do as a job related with cars.

I started a project for myself, a 1994 Ford Fiesta running an engine swapped Duratec 2.0, the swap by itself was quite easy but when I reached the point to redo all the wiring and setup the ECU I just got stuck. A friend of my advised me to look for a professional in order to get a reliable installation. It's almost impossible to find anyone in Brazil that make things the way it should be done, so I decided that I should learn how to do it and that's how I started to love this part of the projects.

Here in Brazil it's VERY, VERY VERY difficult to do the wiring the proper way, using milspec stuff, molded heat shrink boots, flexible epoxy and find all the other materials and tools to get the job done.

I'm improving my work slowly but I have faith that if we do what we love and do it the best way we can do, we will get there someday.

I'm just curious about you guys, what you have done before you decided that wiring is what you like, the difficults you encountered and how you just kept going further, what is your school formation and stuff like that, since there is people from allover the globe here I think that this could be a goooood exchange.

I'll do an introduction as well.

My name is Ryan, I'm 26 and from Houston, TX. I started my wiring career at a local Best Buy store in the car audio department. I was horrible at it but I liked it. I got fired from that job (I was working on my car on the clock) and got my next job with run down car audio shops. I now work in a law office during the week and started my company True Wire sometime last year wiring engines and ecus. I also go to University for electrical engineering and I hate every second of it lol But I would like to have a Bachelor's in something so we will see where it goes.

Houston is a great place for wiring peeps since we have so many military resources that surround us. The only difficulty I find is maintaining a consumer base since high end wiring is not really on the top of the list in most people's heads when building a car. So needless to say, in year one of establishing True Wire, I had to give a lot of discounts and eat costs on shipping, components, supplies etc etc. Nowadays I don't get bogged down from clients too much since I can be more picky with who I do work with. But like any young business, it has its rough patches in the beginning. For a beginning wiring guy not trying to open up a business, just practice on scrap wire and cheap parts before you buy the expensive stuff for your build. Even welders weld scrap metal before attempting to weld on a header.

Happy wiring

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