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ps1000 in piggyback to jzz30 vvti ecu

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Hi there,

Im planning to install a ps1000 in piggy back with a jzz30 vvti ecu in order to retain traction control, i realise other ecus can do traction control but this is the ecu i have to work with..

So currently I'm planning on sharing the crank and cam trigger signals but unaware on how to do this, as in do i share both negative and positive sides of the reluctor or just the positive?

The other sensors like tps and o2 i know are ok to share signals and the injectors and ignition will be fully taken care of by the haltec.. with the addition of an extra intake temp and coolant temp sensor for the haltech to use.

Im quite sure i have a good plan to get the car running using the following method but would like some clarification aswell as maybe some tips and pointers for piggy back installations specifically with toyota ecus


You might find that you'll get more of a response if you post this up in the general tuning section. This section is meant to be more for questions relating to the EFI wiring fundamentals course

For anyone wondering, this went as planned and worked great, every sensor shared well and with the haltech you can turn off the pull up resistors so it can share the coolant and iat sensors without disrupting the resistance and effecting the oem ecu.. i left idle control with the oem ecu as it does a great job of the task, yeh i could of taken it over in the haltech but there was no real need as the engine doesn't have cams or anything that would make idle tuning any different to standard..

One thing i did do was wire in the earth for the cam and crank reluctors to signal ground instead of the ground wire of the oem sensors because toyota shared the earth for both sensors in the case of this vvti ecu and i didn't want to risk interference.. and haltech has the option of enabling ground reference for the triggers, worked great and car runs great, can't wait to dyno it!

Hi there

Now I am doing a project, Linkg4+ Storm ECU on a 2JZvvti engine. I plan to keep the Stock ECU running parallel with the factory ECU.Because of the auto trans.

I am clear that I need to run the Ignition, injection control and the VVTI from the Link ECU.

In another day or two i will be wire in the ECU, the question in my mind is same as your first post.

Since some sensors ground are from the regulated voltage of the OEM ECU, should i splice in the Link Regulated voltage in to the same wire or I just tap in the the signal wire and both the ecu will receive the same signal ?

Hope that you can be so kind to guide me

As for the Cam and crank sensor did you disconnect the original ground or you still keep the original ground in place?


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