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Mentioning from the "Pulsed Solenoids" section in wiring fundamentals:

"It's not unusual for multiple ECU output channels to support pulse width modulation but at

different switching frequencies."

I assume from this mention that its not possibile to use PWM devices at the same frequencies from different channels at the same.

Is that correct? So all my PWM devices must use different frequencies everytime....

just to clarify this point

That will depend on you make/model of ECU. Which one do you have?

I think the comment is probably more to make you aware that there are often hardware/software limitations in what choices you have.

Some examples:

Link G4+ Thunder can do PWM at up to 4000Hz on Aux 1-4, 20KHz on Aux 17-20, and only 300Hz on Aux 5-8.

Motec M1 HB outputs can do up to 20KHz in lowside drive mode but only 1KHz in highside drive mode.

Good one.

Thanks guys,

I'm currently running a Microsquirt V3, looking forward to do the 2nd car with MS3 pro or AEM infinity