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QR steering wheel gt86

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Hopefully posted in the right place., looking to install a qr steering wheel with controls for to start with my plex dash. I have a ecu master can board. My experience is with oe cars with a “clock spring” How do I connect a qr steering wheel to the car?

Bolt or weld the necessary steering shaft boss?

Sorry, David, I've asked the question wrong. To connect a multi-function steering wheel to a car the manufacturer uses a clock spring type mechanism. I’ve seen motorsport wheels with coiled wire and a lemo type connector and I’ve also seen qr Bosses with a wiring connector.. what I want to know is how is the wiring on these done?

The steering shaft is hollow and the wires run out though either a slot machined, or where a U-joint connection is made. I'm working on one right now that looks like this:

I'm using the SPA QRE1 with 12 wires:


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As David suggested the harnessing comes through the centre of the hallow shaft in most cases with a coiled cable for strain relief. on the UJ exit end. There are an many steering wheel QD's available but if you cant find something that suits you could use a Deutsch ASL recepticle with the flange turned off and the mating plug with the locking collar removed, these are then secured into the hallow shaft and QD hub with grub screws. I've had to do this in the past with double density connectors when many analogue inputs were required.

Krontec offer a good solution https://www.krontec.de/katalog_e/start.htm

D-teq offer a more affordable alternative but I dont have personal experience with them https://www.dteq.co.uk/collections/all

There are also other common options from SPA, Lifeline and OMP

Thanks guys.. that’s exactly what I needed to see

Thanks guys.. that’s exactly what I needed to see

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