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Question about Knock sensor.

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Hello !

Im building a 4AGE toyota motor , it seems that this engine doesnt have any knock sensor from the factory.

How can i solve this , cause i want to be careful for knock when ill start it first time , and start tuning the ignition timing ?

Is there a way putting an External Knock sensor ? and where ?

Cheers , Sharon.

G'day Sharon.

You'll need to purchase a knock sensor, we'd recommend a bosch 'doughnut' style, as they work well. You want to mount it to a threaded boss on the engine block, as centrally as possible and as close to the deck surface as possible. I'm not familiar with the 4age blocks, but I would think they would have a threaded boss on them somewhere that isnt being used for anything else in your application.

For interfacing it to your electronics, you will need to make sure your chosen ECU can support a knock sensor. It should have dedicated pins for this if it does.

One other trick that I learned in here is that if you can't find an 8mm bolt/boss for the Bosch style knock sensors, you can carefully drill them out to 10mm without any ill effects.