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Questions re EFI wiring fundamentals course

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi Guys,

Great job with the EFI wiring fundamentals course. A couple of questions / feedback relating to it - some of which are re-enforcing other posts on this forum.

Splicing seems to have been leap-frogged somewhere between Cutting and Stripping and Bundling and Branching.

There is reference to sample documentation for the RX7 however the link that is provided on the Documentation page is incorrect (it links to Conductor-Sizes-Sheet1.pdf)

There are a lot of references to the "Advanced Motorsport Wiring Course" it would be great to see this sooner rather than later!

There is also a number of references to a "Practical Wiring Course" which also would be great to see sooner rather than later.



G'day Ben. 100% with you on all fronts. Practical courses, both Standard and Advanced are #1 priority at the moment. The advanced course is mostly written, and the skeleton of the standard course is outlined (so they match up), and we're waiting on our worked example car to be ready so we can start filming the advanced course. I'm pretty pumped to get into it :-).

Splicing video will be up as soon as Jono is back from Pikes Peak. Not sure what the last minute adjustment it needed was that prevented it being uploaded, but I'm sure it'll be a quick fix.

A couple of links to the sample doc. Slight website back-end problem on that one, which we'll sort shortly. In the meantime:



Let me know if that gets you into them. You'll need to save a local copy of the connection spreadsheet to be able to edit it.

Cheers! :-).

Thanks, i cant wait to see the new courses. I dont even care about EFI and more on the wiring part :D most of my crap is carb, but having good wiring fundamentals down is always good.

Those links worked thanks Zac.

Super excited for this as I've just bought a roller RX7 FC3S that is screaming for a new engine loom.

The excel sheet is excellent, what ECU are you using for the reference destinations?

I'm hoping to be using either the adaptronic M2000 or the Haltech Elite 2500 and would like to be able to reference their destinations to the excel sheet.

Killer course, learning heaps even as an industrial electrician, can't wait to see the Advanced Course

Cheers Sean. The practical side of the wiring course will be out soon, then its on to the full on 'mil-spec' course, hopefully by the end of the year :-).

ECU used for that racecar was a Link Monsoon, you should be able to modify it for use with an adaptronic or haltech pretty easily, wasn't anything complicated in that build :-).

Hey Zac, thanks very much for the quick reply.

Look forward to the courses coming out soonish then!

Glad the build wasn't too complicated, I was a bit daunted but that excel sheet is GOLD!

As always thanks again for the great courses and clear info and great little tidbits of knowledge.

I thought the aim was to stop using the "mil-spec" reference and start calling it "race-spec" since in reality 99% of stuff is not 'Mil-Spec' and if it was the QC and Cert required to be compliant would be a waste of time in applications that need quality not paperwork.

I liked you webinar where you detailed the intent and bough in terms like Race Spec and Club Spec.

Brad, I'd love to influence the industry to stop using 'mil-spec'... but I think its just too ingrained now and it might be better to go with the current on this one. It still gets the point across :-).

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