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Racepak Smartwire Rear Light Setup

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I have a racepak smartwire PDM installed and doing everything I need on my 1972 Camaro with one exception. Does anyone know if I can configure an output channel to be “constant on” with one input and “flash” if triggered by a separate input? I’m relatively new to the smartwire and can’t find a setting anywhere and the manual isn’t that helpful.

the application here is the rear brake and turn signal lights. I need the bulb to flash with hazard switch and turn signals but stay on if activated by the brake light switch.

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Racepak Smartwire's either :-(. Have you reached out to Racepak at all?

I have the same query in with them. Should hear back soon. Will let everyone know the outcome.

I'd like to be able to do this with my running lights/turn signals too.

I didn’t get a response back from racepak disappointingly after logging on the website and calling them.

In the end I ended up wiring the same bulb (led) to two outputs. It works great but obviously consumes I/O. So one output is set to constant on for a set of trigger conditions and the second output is set to flash for a different set of trigger conditions

I know this is an old thread but I stumbled upon an item called the blinker genie 2 that is made by custom led. It may help out with what you are trying to do.

Thanks Hansonlinek! Other than the I/O usage the double wiring method I noted above does work great. Had it like that now for over a year and no complaints. To be honest I have so much stuff on the car I think I’m going to end up adding a second race wire linked over can and then I should have more I/O than I’ll need. 👍

I have just joined this forum and I could have helped... By the way there is a very handy Racepak person in Canada who may have been able to help, Ian Rae.

This is how my indicators are configured. The keypad controls if just the indicator is used or both for the hazards.




What you could do is use the stop light channel, and then add a condition if a switch is triggered to flash.


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