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Rate my crimp thread?

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So I have been squeezing away practising terminations needed for my loom build, both for practice and to make sure I am using the best tool and crimp combination and I thought why not have a thread so the guys in the know can pull apart our work so we can improve.

So here's a few I have done, all using tools mentioned in this course.

6 way splice, 22AWG Tefzel, TE Medium open barrel splice, Delphi ratchet crimp tool part number 12085271 Die A

3 way splice, 22AWG Tefzel, Small open barrel splice from (slightly different to teh TE one and I find it easier to use), Delphi ratchet crimp tool part number 12085271 Position E

Shield Braid to 22AWG Tefzel Small open barrel splice from, Delphi ratchet crimp tool part number 12085271 Position E

Superseal 1.0 Connector, 22AWG Tefzel, general purpose open barrel crimp tool, using Position E and B.

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The real question, is now much force is required to pull-out a wire. If it's at least 10-20 lbs, you've nailed it!

Good idea Royce!

Those look good, but as David said, the tug test will be the telling sign, but they do look nice and tight. Might want to trim off the excess out the end to avoid any errant strands making contact anywhere :-).