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hey guys, im in the process of creating my own stand alone wiring harness for my nissan skyline R33 series 2 (rb25 Neo). Running a Microtech lt12 with x6 igniter box, i have an unterminated harness and just having trouble on where i could find the documentations to suit and proceed the progress.

I would expect Microtech to supply the necessary documentation for wiring their ECU (and ignitor, of that comes from them).Looks like that have that info here:

If you are asking about the OEM sensors and their wiring, that generally comes from the factory workshop manual and/or wiring manual for the vehicle. You can often order this from the car dealer parts department.

As for organizing your documentation, I generally start with the ECU connector, then the neecessary power/ground & communication connections, then start listing the coils & injectors followed by sensors required by the ECU, finally any non-required sensors.

With a solid list of what needs to be connected, I can finally make a sketch of the actual harness layout and measure the distances between connectors and branches. Finally, your documentation can be updated with the actual connections, wire colors used and wire lengths required.

I spend days working on the documentation before I ever start cutting any wire..