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Hello, just iwant ask if this setup on relay correct or not , and the fuse location is ok or need to be at 87 in fuel +wire

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Fuse as close as you can to the battery was the rule I believe. Given that the relay is providing the high power to the fuel pump that will be the best place to fuse the ingress power to the relay

Thanks. But im ask if this setup right or not

Your diagram is correct.

In general you want to make sure the power going to terminal 86 is the same as the power that goes to the ECU. That will allow you to test the fuel pump relay. If the M1 ECU is powered from the master switch, then you will need to have the ignition on to test the fuel pump trigger.

I like to have the ignition separate from the ECU power, and the ignition power connected to both coils and injectors. That allows cranking the engine without it starting so you can observe oil pressure.

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