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Repining patch harnesses.

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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So long story short I've been given a vipec v44 as a gift. Not the ecu I plan on using long term but still better than a nistune or standard evu so I figured I might aswell use it. No more AFM. Just curious your anyone's thoughts about purchasing a patch harness from say haltech etc and the re pinning the ecu side to suit the v44. To risky? Not worth the hassle? What would you do In this situation? It's a free ecu and from what I have read they're pretty decent.

Hello Samuel,

Any more specifics on the project? Although, I doubt there would be any issues if it was a patch harness for the same vehicle, had the correct plug for the ECU header, as well as all the conductors were of a suitable ampacity and you repopulated the contacts in the correct location. You should be able to download the documentation for both the ECU & patch harness of the donor, along with the Vipec V44 and confirm before buying the patch harness.

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