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Repurpose factory ecm inputs?

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I’ve looked through topics and have found quite the answer I’m hoping to see. What I’m curious of is, is it possible to repurpose a factory ECU input or output to do a different purpose. What I’ve got is an ‘06 LQ4 motor transmission combination dropped in a ‘74 camaro, what I’m hoping to do is add a switch similar to a tow/haul switch but that I can have the car tuned well for a daily driver, and when it’s taken to the track I can flip said switch and go into “race” mode, I want to stick with the factory ecm due to transmission/engine being together but I would like it to change shift points and and it would cool if I could set up a separate fueling table but I don’t think that’s going to possibly with its age. Thank you in advance.

You can do this with some factory ECUs and reflash packages but unfortunately not all systems offer this sort of flexibility. I'm not aware of any option for doing this on the GM engines of this era unfortunately.

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