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rewiring power circuit and relocating battery

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi all,

was hoping to get some advice on how to wire a race car. i want to relocate the battery to the boot and have a kill switch. anyone have a good diagram on how to do this. i will be running an alternator and tapping into the old loom for lights etc

ive stolen this image from the net, is this the best way to route the alternator B+ (also where would you send the sense and ign)


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That will work, but may not be legal for all race sanctioning bodies, as the line to the alternator is still hot when the master switch is off.

yeah im going to chnage to this diagram. Will use an old 4age injector resistor which is 3.3ohm for the resistor and im going to connect the alternator B+ to the starter motor, the sense back to the isolation switch and the ign to the ignition wire. Anyone anticipate any issues

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