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rolling anti lag

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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how would you go about wiring up an ems that has the capability to use rolling anti lag? what kind of output/ input would you require? what kind of signal does it require analogue / digital? thank you

You need to have something to activate the rolling launch, usually a switch, a digital momentary one would be my choice. The output would be activation of the rolling launch, allowing you to go full throttle whilst the rev limit keeps you at the same speed.

Chris250 thanks for your information. how would i wire that up? if it were digital would the wiring be wire 1: sensor 0V. wire 2: 5v, 6.3v,or 12v and wire 3: digital input on ems? but lets say i would like to use a analogue voltage input how would i wire that up? Thank You.

Digital input's, depending on ECU, can be switched to ground, i.e. the ECU puts out a voltage and when the switch is activated the voltage goes to 0.

If you were wanting to use an analogue input you'd need to program a condition in the ECU for a certain voltage threshold to be crossed for the system to become active.

It might be easier if you describe what you have in mind already, or what options you have in what ECU you are using

i had exactly what you had in mind using a momentary switch. using a motec M130. i dont mind either option of digital or analogue just wanted to know how to wire up both options just in case i end up using all my analogue voltage inputs or i use all my digital inputs. thank you.

I'm guessing you're referring to rolling launch control rather than a rally style antilag feature? Right now the GPA and GPR packages don't actually offer a rolling launch function so you might be a little stuck on this one for the time being. I'm unsure if Motec have this on the drawing board for a future release? BlackRex might be able to chime in here :)

Thanks Andre,

I would have thought motec released an update to add this feature for the gpr package by now :( thanks anyways guys.

Hi Luke,

What car/engine are you using the M130 in? I may be able to help you out with a solution, dependant on the car.

With the Rolling Anti-Lag, I have asked my contacts about it at MoTeC, and currently there has not been enough requests for the functionality to be added into the GP Packages so it isn't in their development plans. There are a number of partner packages that have it, but they are more dedicated to specific vehicles.

Hi BlackRex,

its a 94 supra/ 2jzgte. i would have thought that feature is something that has grown in popularity with the growth of roll racing. an alternate solution would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Hi Luke,

Have a talk to John Reed at John Reed Racing, as he has a specific package for the 2JZ that I believe includes this function. We don't really have this style of racing here in Australia, so it doesn't appear on the radar that much, and usually the people who are involved in doing it have purchased build licenses and write their own packages as they also want other functionality built into the system, or they work with people like JRR who are involved in this format of racing and develop packages to suit.

Hi BlackRex,

thanks again for the input. ill contact jrr.

Emtron Australia will be releasing Rolling Launch feature soon.

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